The Wholeness Work ®

The Wholeness Work® is a new way of deep inner work and a way of solving and transforming current blockades, problems and life issues. The Wholeness Work® brings you into new states of consciousness! Only through the structure of the experience stored in the subconscious does a transformation take place. The process goes straight through clear steps making this structure visible into the depths and through integrating the found structure you can go towards more awareness.


Clients and practitioners report that the process is simple and feels gentle and friendly. It leads to: Deep relaxation and recovery of the nervous system; a natural melting and dissolving of problem states; a deeper sense of well-being, better access to inner wisdom, compassion, humor, lightness and creativity are the positive consequences.


The process with The Wholeness Work® shows you the way to your own patterns and concepts in thinking, feeling and acting. It will dissolve dysfunctional patterns and your own full potential can unfold.


Free training with the inventor Connirae Andreas

Coming to Wholeness - The Book

Dr. Connirae Andreas published her first book on The Wholeness Work® in October 2018. Here she describes the basic principles of the Wholeness Basic Process and extensive experience with her work. The book will soon be published in German by Junfermann Verlag.

The content of the book describes the first day of Foundation Training with a detailed description of the basic formats. This happens in a practical step-by-step explanation. In a creative mix of user stories, hands-on tutorials, and explanation of guiding principles, the book builds the necessary reference experience sequentially to understand The Wholeness Work® in depth. If you are looking for a way to use Wholeness on your own as a mindfulness ractice, then Chapter 6 provides you with a "Step-by-Step Guide - Doing the Basic Process Yourself". It is a simple guide to doing the basic process on your own.

You can order the book here as print or for kindle.


At the METAFORUM Summer Camp 2018 we had the opportunity to meet and film Dr. Connirae Andreas and Prof. Dr. Matthias Varga von Kibéd in a conversation, to ask them questions and to document their interesting exchange.

Have fun with two people that others like to learn.

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