Coming to Wholeness mit Connirae Andreas, PhD in Berlin

  • Level I - Foundation Training on SA 12.6. + SU 13.6.2021
  • Level II Training on TU 15.6. + WE 16.6.2021
  • Level III Training on FR 18.6. + SA 19.6.2021

After great success in 2019, Connirae Andreas will be coming to Berlin again in 2021 for six days.  Day 5 and 6 will take place for the first time as live training in Europe. As the chairman of the European Association for The Wholeness Work®, we are delighted to host this event again.














Coming to Wholeness

The 4-day training consists of 2 parts (Foundation Training and Advanced Training). There is one day off in between. Connirae will present the training in English and will be translated into German.

Trainer: Connirae Andreas, PhD
Translator: Ralph Koebler
Part 1 - Level I Foundation Training (2 days)
Saturday/Sunday: June 12th + June 13th 2021
Training times: Day 1: 10:00 to 18:00, day 2: 9:00 to 17:00

Content Part 1

Day 1 – Introduction in The Wholeness Work®
Learn about the basic principles of the Wholeness process to dissolve patterns of everyday and life issues

  • The basic format of The Wholeness Work® - demo and exercises
  • The Wholeness Work® as meditation method: A version of the Wholeness for individual frequent practice. You will win access to a simple and effective daily routine.
  • The Wholeness Work® for regeneration and for deeper more restful sleep
  • Exercises and useful tips for benefiting from The Wholeness Work®

Day 2 – Formats for deepening The Wholeness Work®
On the second day you will learn two further formats of The Wholeness Work®. The content of day one will be expanded and complemented. Certain themes in personal growth have their own structures and will be integrated differently than in the basic process of The Wholeness Work®.

  • The authority process – Reclaiming back the own authority – this formate of The Wholeness Work® can bring significant changes with subjects as: feelings of embarrassment, shame and guilt.
  • Integrating what is missing – this process of The Wholeness Work® is important for themes such as loss, grief, sorrowfulness, neediness, ect.
  • Exercises and useful tips for benefiting from The Wholeness Work®
  • All formates of second day are based on the principles of day one and enlarge them with important themes, structures and patterns.

The day after is training-free, is for integration and is at leisure


Part 2: Level II Training (2 days)

Tuesday/Wednesday: June 15th + June 16th 2021
Training times: Day 3: 10:00 to 18:00, day 4: 9:00 to 17:00


Day 3 – Advanced formates of The Wholeness Work®

With the methods and formats of day three you will enlarge and expand your range and potential of The Wholeness Work®

  • Coping-Mechanisms – you will identify your preferential coping strategy (f. ex. with stress) and learn to integrate these patterns with The Wholeness Work®.
  • Rolls and identities – Through integrating our rolls and identities with The Wholeness Work® we become more flexible and full of options. We also have access to our rolls and identities full potential.
  • The Letting Go Process – integrating, transforming and letting go of attachments, dependencies and aversions. Here you will work for the first time with inner polarities.
  • The Where am I Standing Process – through this process you will reach the place of power and presence in your inner space – for more self-empowerment and access to your inner resources.
  • Demos, exercises and useful tips for benefiting from each method and process of The Wholeness Work®

Day 4 – More advanced formats for more self-care through The Wholeness Work®
You will learn further variations of The Wholeness Work®, which will support you to foster and increase your degree of self-responsibility and self-efficacy.

  • Life Journey of Consciousness – more awareness about the course and impact of forming phases of life and their transformation and integration.
  • Further patterns and formats for The Wholeness Work®, such as Self as Object, working with the concept of the other (the You).
  • Integrating review of all steps and structures of the Wholeness Work®
  • Explanation of next states of personal practice with The Wholeness Work®
  • Many helpful tips for practice and benefit of The Wholeness Work® as an ongoing frequent daily routine

The day after is training-free, is for integration and is at leisure


Part 3 - Level III Training (Day 5 + 6)
Friday/Saturday: June 18th + June 19th 2021
Training times: Day 5: 10:00 to 18:00, day 6: 9:00 to 17:00


Days 5 + 6: Even more The Wholeness Work® Advanced material with great impact:
Advanced processes:

  • Where do I actually stand in combination with the sensory channels
  • Where is the game?
  • Working with polarities - polarities in the localized sense and polarities in the direction of the way out
  • Wholeness dream work I - integrating the emotional reaction, the I and the where I am already present
  • Wholeness dream work II - Integrate the structure elements
  • Integration of the 5 meta-program identities and containing polarities
  • Integrate the other and the inner energetic counterpart
  • Working with the auditory channel and the experience of an inner voice
  • More exercises and tips for dealing with challenging situations in personal work and woking with clients
    time for questions


Previous knowledge
- There is no prerequisite for Foundation Training
- For the Advanced I training, participation in a live Foundation Training is required
- For Advanced II training, participation in Foundation and Advanced I Training is required, ideally live



420, - Euro regular price incl. VAT per training module (2 days)
790, - Euro regular price incl. VAT booking of 2 modules (4 days)
1150, - Euro regular price incl. VAT booking of all 3 modules (6 days)

Prices for members of the European Association for The Wholeness Work

380, - Euro gross regular per training module (2 days)
710, - Euro gross regular when booking 2 modules (4 days)
1035, - Euro gross with total booking of the 3 modules (6 days)
The prices include the training: detailed training manual, drinks and snacks for coffee break in the morning and afternoon

Location of Seminar
Haus am Pichelssee
Am Pichelssee 45
13595 Berlin

Further information and registration
Any queries by e-mail anytime at

Please use as preparation, if you like:

• The Wholeness Work Book 1 - English Edition by Connirae Andreas:
Coming to Wholeness: How to Awaken and Live with Ease, Kindle Edition
• Free video on the basic process with Connirae Andreas

Information about Connirae Andreas and The Wholeness Work®

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